Interesting facts from the life of Tolstoy

The outstanding Russian writer, philosopher and thinker, Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, is known throughout the world. Even in the farthest corners of the world, as soon as it comes to Russia, Peter the First, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and several other great people from Russian history are certainly remembered.

We decided to collect the most interesting facts from the life of Tolstoy, to remind them to you, and maybe even surprise some things.

So let's start with!

  1. Born Tolstoy in 1828, and died in 1910 (lived 82 years). He married at the age of 34, 18-year-old Sophia Andreevna. They had 13 children, five of whom died in childhood.

    Leo Tolstoy with his wife and children

  2. Before the wedding, the count gave his future spouse to re-read his diaries, which described his many prodigal connections. He considered it fair and just. According to the writer's wife, she remembered their contents for the rest of her life.
  3. At the very beginning of family life, the young couple had complete harmony and mutual understanding, however, over time, relations began to deteriorate more and more, reaching a peak shortly before the death of the thinker.
  4. Tolstoy's wife was a real hostess and was an exemplary owner of the business.
  5. An interesting fact is that Sofia Andreevna (Tolstoy's wife) rewrote almost all the works of her husband in order to send manuscripts to the publishing house. This was necessary because not a single editor would understand the writing of a great writer.

    Diary of Tolstoy L.N.

  6. Almost the entire life of the thinker's wife has been rewriting her husband’s diaries. However, shortly before his death, Tolstoy began to keep two diaries: one that the wife read and the other the personal one. Mature Sofia Andreevna was enraged by the fact that she could not find him, although she had interrupted the whole house.
  7. All significant works ("War and Peace", "Anna Karenina", "Resurrection") Leo Tolstoy wrote after his marriage. That is, up to 34 years old he was not engaged in serious writing activity.

    Tolstoy in his youth

  8. The creative legacy of Lev Nikolaevich is 165 thousand sheets of manuscripts and ten thousand letters. The complete works are published in 90 volumes.
  9. An interesting fact is that in life Tolstoy could not bear it when dogs bark and also did not like cherries.
  10. Despite the fact that he was born under the count, he was always a soul to the people. Often the peasants saw him plowing the field on their own. On this occasion, there is a funny joke: "Leo Tolstoy sits in a linen shirt and writes a novel. A footman enters in livery and white gloves. - Your Excellency, to plow is filed!"
  11. Since childhood, he was an incredibly gambling man and a gambler. However, like the other great writer - FM. Dostoevsky.
  12. It is interesting that once Count Tolstoy lost in the cards one of the buildings of his estate Yasnaya Polyana. His partner took the property that had passed to him before the cloves and took everything out. The writer himself dreamed of redeeming this extension, but did not realize it.
  13. He was fluent in English, French and German. I read in Italian, Polish, Serbian and Czech. He studied Greek and Church Slavonic, Latin, Ukrainian and Tatar, Hebrew and Turkish, Dutch and Bulgarian.

    Portrait of the writer Tolstoy

  14. In her childhood, Anna Akhmatova taught letters according to AB, which L.N. Tolstoy wrote for peasant children.
  15. Throughout his life, he tried to help the peasants in everything for which he had the strength.

    Tolstoy and his assistants compile lists of peasants in need of help.

  16. The novel "War and Peace" was written for 6 years, and then corresponded 8 more times. Tolstoy copied individual fragments up to 25 times.
  17. The work "War and Peace" is considered the most significant in the work of the great writer, but he himself said in a letter to A. Fet the following: "I am happy that I will never again write verbose stuff like" War "."
  18. An interesting fact about Tolstoy also lies in the fact that by the end of his life the graph had developed several serious principles of his world outlook. The main ones are reduced to non-resistance to evil by violence, denial of private property and complete disregard for any authority, be it church, state, or any other.

    Tolstoy in the family circle in the park

  19. Many believe that Tolstoy was excommunicated from the Orthodox Church. In fact, the definition of the Holy Synod sounded like this:

"Therefore, testifying of his (Tolstoy's autonomy) falling away from the Church, together we pray, may the Lord give him repentance to the mind of the truth."

In other words, the Synod simply testified that Tolstoy "had separated himself" from the Church. In fact, it was so, if we analyze the writer's numerous statements about the Church.

  1. In fact, by the end of his life, Lev Nikolayevich did indeed express convictions very far from Christianity. Quote:

"I do not want to be a Christian, as I did not advise and would not like to have Buddhists, Confucionists, Taoists, Mohammedans and others."

  1. A serious deterioration in relations with his wife contributed to the concept of Tolstoy that you need to live in poverty. He was going to give up the copyright that was the main source of family income. Despite the consistency and large estate, the wife was categorically against such a decision, as she sought to arrange all the children.

    Count Tolstoy with his wife Sophia Andreevna

  2. And this interesting fact from the life of Leo Tolstoy, you probably have not heard before. The fact is that Sophia Andreevna was terribly jealous of her husband for his friend and soul mate VG Chertkov. She constantly forced Lev to clean the portrait of his friend from the table. After another quarrel, Sophia burst into the office of her husband and, seeing a photo of the hated "opponent" in a frame behind the glass, grabbed a revolver and fired into the image. Then she threw herself in her dressing-gown on the winter yard and ran through the streets shouting: "I will drown, hang myself, shoot myself." After such incidents, which were not uncommon, she came, cried, kissed the writer's hands and asked for forgiveness.

    L.N. Tolstoy and V.G. Chertkov

  3. The wife spoke about her genius husband: "He preaches love for all of humanity, but hates his own children," meaning that he does not think about the welfare of the offspring.
  4. Tolstoy, at about 50 years of age, became a vegetarian and hoped that all people would once give up, as he said, "from this cannibalism."
  5. Towards the end of his life, a writer who enjoys worldwide fame and recognition exclaimed: "Yes, if I want, I can create a new religion."

    Tolstoy in his youth, in maturity and in old age

  6. Tolstoy did not recognize the great confreres of pen and writing activity either in the past or in the present. Writer and public figure A.V. Zhirkevich, being a big fan of the great Russian writer, published his conversations with L.N. Tolstoy. To the question what he thinks about Pushkin, the great old man answered (the quote is cited with big abbreviations):

“Pushkin was like a Kyrgyz. Everyone still admires Pushkin. And think about it only in an excerpt from his“ Eugene Onegin ”placed in all textbooks for children:“ Winter. The farmer, triumphant ... ". Whatever a stanza, it is nonsense!

And, meanwhile, the poet, obviously, worked on verse for a long time. "Winter. Peasant, triumphant ...". Why "triumph"? - Perhaps, going to the city to buy salt or shag.

"On the woods, it renews the path. His horse, the snow on foot ...". How can you "smell" the snow ?! After all, she runs through the snow - so what's the flair? Further: "Weaving at a trot sometime ...". This “somehow” is a historically stupid thing. And got into a poem just for rhyme.

It was written by the great Pushkin, undoubtedly an intelligent man, he wrote because he was young and, like a Kirghiz, sang instead of speaking.

To this Tolstoy was asked a question.: But what, Lev Nikolayevich, to do? Is it possible to quit writing?

Tolstoy: Of course, quit! I say this to everyone from beginners. This is my usual advice. Now is not the time to write. It is necessary to do business, live approximately and teach others to live by example. Drop the literature if you want to obey the old man. Well for me! I will die soon… "

  1. About Shakespeare, the thinker used to say: "You know that I hate Shakespeare."
  2. Anton Chekhov told an interesting fact about Tolstoy: “Do you know why Lev Nikolayevich praises us, small writers, and scolds Shakespeare? Because we are children for him, and Shakespeare is equal to him in terms of genius, and therefore annoying” (the quote is not literally) .

    Lev Nikolaevich with A.P. Chekhov

  3. In the days of his youth, Tolstoy could not decide whom to make an offer, Sophia, or her elder sister.

    Grandchildren with a grandchild

  4. The great thinker had a very good relationship with the mother-in-law.
  5. Alexander Goldenweiser wrote:

"Over the years, Tolstoy has more and more often expressed his opinions about women. These opinions are terrible."

“If a comparison is necessary, then marriage should be compared with a funeral, and not with name days,” said Leo Tolstoy.

- A man walked alone - five poods were tied to his shoulders, and he rejoices. What is there to say that if I walk alone, then I’m free, and if my leg is tied up with a woman’s leg, then she will drag after me and disturb me.

- Why did you get married? the countess asked.

- And then did not know this. "

Leo Tolstoy and his wife

Despite the interesting facts described above about Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, he always declared that the highest value in society is the family.

  1. For 2010, there are about 350 descendants of the philosopher in the world.
  2. Towards the end of Tolstoy’s life, the pseudo-religious “Tolstoytsy” appeared. Its leader was the very Chertkov, to whom Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya was so jealous of her husband.
  3. An interesting fact is that Tolstoy had a serious influence on the outstanding and world famous Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.
  4. In his old age, Lev Nikolayevich often walked barefoot, emphasizing his closeness to the people.

    Photo of Tolstoy

  5. In his youth, Tolstoy was a member of the defense of Sevastopol. After that, he wrote a series of essays "Sevastopol Stories".
  6. I. S. Turgenev, after meeting with Leo Tolstoy in Paris, wrote Annenkov:

"Indeed, Paris does not have to be in the harmony of his spiritual order; he is a strange person, I have not met such people and do not quite understand him. The mixture of a poet, Calvinist, fanatic, baric is something resembling Rousseau, but honestly Rousseau is highly moral. same time, non-sympathetic being. "

  1. A little later, on the basis of conviction, a quarrel arose between Turgenev and Tolstoy, who almost brought them to a duel.
  2. Early in the morning of October 31, Tolstoy secretly ran away from home to live the rest of his life alone. It happened after another break with his wife. However, on the way, he contracted pneumonia and died in the home of the stationmaster.

    On deathbed

  3. To the doctors who tried to save the count, he said: "God will arrange everything." When asked what he wants, Lev Nikolayevich said: "I want no one to bother me." His last meaningful words, which he said a few hours before his death to his eldest son, which could not be discerned by excitement, but which doctor Makovitsky heard, were: "Sergei ... the truth ... I love a lot, I love everyone ...".
  4. The writer asked to bury his beloved horse Delir not far from his own grave. It was exactly fulfilled.

If you want to get acquainted with more detailed information from the biography of Tolstoy, then we recommend you to read his own work "Confession". We are sure that some things from the personal life of an outstanding thinker are just shocking!

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