Interesting facts about Luxembourg

Lovers of interesting facts about countries and cities will be interested to know the features of one of the most developed and richest countries in the world - Luxembourg. If you are going to go to this wonderful corner of our planet, then interesting facts about Luxembourg just need to know!

So let's start with!

  1. Each country has its own full name. So Luxembourg is officially written like this: "The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg." It is curious that this is the only duchy in the world today.
  2. The head of state is called the "Grand Duke".
  3. The name Luxembourg comes from the German "lucilinburch", which translates as "small town".
  4. An interesting fact is that Luxembourg is one of the smallest sovereign states of the world. Its area is only 2,586.4 km².
  5. The population of Luxembourg is approximately 500 thousand people, that is, about half a million. This, less than in any millionaire city!
  6. An interesting fact is that the GDP per capita in Luxembourg is significantly higher than the European average.
  7. Luxembourgers also have the highest wage in the world.
  8. The average life expectancy for men is 77 years, women - 82 years.
  9. There are three official languages ​​in Luxembourg: Luxembourgish, French, German. Read a detailed article on countries with several state languages.
  10. No matter how surprising this interesting fact may sound, a third of the territory of this tiny country is occupied by forests.
  11. The human development index is one of the highest in the world.
  12. Literacy of the inhabitants of Luxembourg is 100%.
  13. In the duchy of 12 communes with urban status.
  14. In the municipality of Vianden, the eminent French writer Victor Hugo lived and wrote immortal creations. Today, this city has the Hugo Museum, which is very popular among European tourists.
  15. Many EU organizations are located in the city of Luxembourg because the duchy provides very favorable working conditions. More than 200 banks and over 1000 investment funds are located in the offshore zone of Luxembourg, which is significantly higher than in any other city in the world.
  16. Here it is important to emphasize an interesting fact, which, surely, you already knew. The fact is that in the state of Luxembourg the capital is the largest city and it has exactly the same name as the country itself: Luxembourg.
  17. The state takes the 4th place in the world in terms of incomes of the population
  18. And this interesting fact about Luxembourg will appeal to travel enthusiasts. The fact is that the underground communications of ancient fortresses surprise with their size. So you can wander more than 20 kilometers through underground passages, which in itself is very unusual.
  19. Exceptional historical values, which are full of the ancient duchy of Luxembourg, prompted UNESCO to include the country on the World Heritage List.
  20. Luxembourg is one of the founders of the European Union, NATO and the United Nations.
  21. On the territory of the duchy is the largest television and radio company in the whole of Europe.
  22. An interesting fact of Luxembourg is the following indicator. Here the most in the world of mobile phones per capita - 15 pieces per 10 people. But!

Sights of Luxembourg

Neumuenster Abbey Basilica with Willibrord's Tomb Grund view Burshed Castle Vianden Castle Adolf Bridge Luxembourg City Hall Bok Fortifications - World Heritage Site Schengen Village in Luxembourg

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