Petrarch and his imaginary death

Francesco Petrarca is a great Italian poet. Everyone knows him from famous sonnets. In the biography of this brilliant Italian once an incident occurred that nearly cost him his life.

Francesco Petrarca

At the age of about 40 years, Petrarch became seriously ill. After some time he, as it seemed to relatives and friends, died. However, in reality, the unfortunate patient fell into a lethargic sleep, which in its manifestations is very similar to a real cessation of life.

Distressing the untimely dead great poet, everyone was preparing for the funeral. Fortunately, the laws of the medieval time forbade the burying of the dead earlier than a day after death. It saved life of francesco petrarch.

Waking up almost near his grave, the poet rose, as if nothing had happened, and said that he feels great.

History is silent about how many people died of horror, seeing the resurrected dead!

These are amazing and interesting facts found in the lives of great people.

By the way, after this incident, Francesco Petrarch lived another 30 years, writing many of his greatest works. He lived in the years 1304-1374.

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