Ethiopian beauty

Since the beginning of scientific and technological progress, almost all the peoples of the world have acquired more or less the same identity. Of course, this is conditional, but still, with all the national peculiarities of this or that nation, we can get used to it and feel adequately in that environment.

However, some small tribes in the Omo Valley (Southern Ethiopia), preserve the culture of their ancestors, striking the imagination of modern man.

Ethiopian beauty looks pretty unusual. We bring to your attention the work of a photographer from Lebanon - Omar Red.

He specially visited these places to capture the fair sex from three different tribes.

That's what he did.

Indeed, man is a unique creature with an amazing variety of manifestations!

Watch the video: Huge SHEIN Spring try-on Haul : ወቅታዊ ፋሽን : Spring Haul : Ethiopian Beauty (April 2020).