Violet Jessop

Many people who are interested in history know who Violet Jessop is. After all, her amazing fate truly deserves a full-fledged television film adaptation.

To the attention of all lovers of interesting life stories, we present Violette Jessop, who survived in sea accidents three times.

Violet Jessop

Violet was born in the family of Irish immigrants in Argentina. She was prepared for an extraordinary fate, and it became clear in childhood.

She was the first surviving child, since the three older children died very early. In childhood, Violet Jessop discovered tuberculosis, and the doctor did not leave any chance of life, because the situation was too serious.

However, she survived, and after the death of her father, the whole family moved to the UK, where Violet began her career as a flight attendant.

At 23, a young and promising girl worked on board the famous giant ship Olympic, which was practically a copy of the Titanic. But in 1911, the Olympic clashed with another ship at sea. Having received a 14-meter hole, the ship miraculously survived, and Violette Jessop successfully survived the first catastrophe in her life.

A year later, our heroine goes to work on the Titanic. Her friends said that she did not want to go there, but she was convinced that it was very promising for her future career.

On the night of April 15, the ship was shipwrecked, which became one of the most notorious catastrophes of the twentieth century. But flight attendant Violet Jessop, along with some other workers, managed to escape again. In the boat number 16 they waited for rescuers and saved lives.

Violet herself writes in her memoirs that when she got into the boat, some officer handed her a small child into her arms, with which she was saved. When they boarded the ship Carpathia, which came to the aid of the Titanic, some woman ran up to her and, without saying a word, tore the child out of her hands and hid with him in the crowd. It was probably his mother scared to death.

It would seem that the second warning should have made the girl think about changing her job. But it was not there!

During World War I, Violette Jessop got a job as a nurse on the ship "Britannica". In 1916, the ship blew up on a German mine and began to sink.

In the process of evacuating passengers, when the first two boats were launched and loaded with people, they suddenly fell into the maelstrom of the Britannica going under water.

Without thinking to give up, Violet Jessop jumped out of the boat and was rescued, although more than 20 people sucked in under the propeller of the sinking ship, where they died. In her memoirs, she says that after this tragic story, she developed severe headaches, and she was forced to consult a doctor, who discovered a crack in her skull.

After these three marine accidents, a flight attendant who survived three times worked for more than 40 years on passenger liners and even made a world tour twice.

An interesting fact is that Violet Jessop was one of the passengers of the Titanic who heard the performance of the hymn "Closer, My God, to Thee" on a sinking ship.

Having lived for 83 years, she died peacefully in England.

This is the amazing story of the life of a woman who three times emerged unscathed from mortal danger.

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