The richest dead

In our strange world, sometimes things happen that defy logic. Have you ever thought about the fact that some of the dead earn more than living people? But there are many such examples!

Of course, these are not ordinary citizens, but former celebrities who became famous during their lifetime and now on their behalf clever craftsmen make millions of fortunes, moreover, every year.

It is interesting that many late celebrities, even after their death, earn such colossal money, which their living colleagues do not even dream of.

So, we present to your attention the richest dead of the planetThe list of which was compiled by Forbes magazine.

1. Michael Jackson - $ 825 million

The very first in this rating, and therefore the most successful is Mile Jackson. But how does he manage to pin up such money, being in the next world? Very simple"! In 1985, he bought the famous Sony / ATV catalog, and then resold it to Sony for $ 115 million. Many years passed, and in 2016, Sony acquired Jackson’s share for $ 750 million. And, of course, selling the albums of the legendary artist.

2. Charles Schulz - $ 48 million

The famous cartoonist Charles Schulz is the creator of the famous Peanuts comic pro Charles Brown and Snoopy. It seems incredible, but it is in second place in the ranking of the richest dead, with almost 50 million dollars a year.

3. Arnold Palmer - $ 40 million

Palmer made history as a famous golfer. More than 500 Asian stores of his brand, as well as soft drinks sold under his name, provide him with a round sum, even after death.

4. Elvis Presley - $ 27 million

Elvis Presley is one of the most recognizable representatives of contemporary music and is recognized as the king of rock and roll. His house-museum, which receives a colossal number of visitors who want to see the chambers of the legendary singer, brings a multi-million dollar fortune to a long-dead hero. Moreover, each year over 1 million albums are sold, and not electronic, but real ones.

5. Prince - $ 25 million.

One of the greatest guitarists. Having died from an overdose of an analgesic that he used because of severe pains in the hip joint, he continued to earn money after death. During his lifetime, his success was so overwhelming that in the framework of one show he earned up to 2 million dollars. Every year he sells about 2.5 million albums, which is much more than that of any other artist.

6. Bob Marley - $ 21 million

Interestingly, such a huge amount of money to Bob Marley does not bring the album sales after his death, but the goods under his brand, as well as souvenirs and soft drinks. And, nevertheless, there are a lot of money!

7. Theodore Geisel - $ 20 million

It is good to know that not only show business representatives, but also an American children's writer are in the rating of the richest dead of the planet. Theodore Geisel is better known as Dr. Seuss. His books annually bring a steady income.

8. John Lennon - $ 12 million

The founder of The Beatles and one of the most popular people of the 20th century, John Lennon, is in 8th place. His income is stable, because over the past 25 years after his death over 65 million albums of the group have been sold.

9. Albert Einstein - $ 11.5 million

The popularity of Albert Einstein during his lifetime was extremely high. Now, after death, the name of the famous physicist is registered as a trademark and brings a lump sum every year.

10. Betty Page - $ 11 million

The sexy image of Betty Page, created by her once, still enjoys incredible popularity in pin-up girl (pin-up girl). A variety of ladies' products are sold under the appropriate license, making Betty one of the richest dead celebrities.

11. David Bowie - $ 10.5 million

British rock singer David Bowie released the last album two days before his unexpected death. This triggered such a growth in sales that in 2016 it outperformed both Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

12. Steve McQueen - $ 9 million

Dying back in the 1980s, McQueen retains the image of a tough guy. Famous brands Porsche, Tag Heuer, Persol and Barbour invariably extend contracts with Steve's heirs, bringing him a lot of money.

13. Elizabeth Taylor - $ 8 million

Surely you know that Elizabeth Taylor is nicknamed the "Queen of Hollywood." Three times an Oscar, she became the first actress, whose fee for shooting in one film was $ 1 million. Under her brand produced the famous perfume White Diamonds.

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