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We bring to your attention short biography of Lermontov - the largest Russian poet. Brief biographies of great people are interesting because after spending just a few minutes, you can find out the main moments of life of the person you are interested in.

Especially when it comes to such a person as Lermontov. After all, for his 26 years, he wrote such brilliant works that allowed him to become a classic and one of the most outstanding poets of Russia, having entered the golden fund of world literature.

So, before you is a brief biography of Mikhail Lermontov.

Mikhail Yurjevich Lermontov

Short biography of Lermontov

Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (1814-1841) - the great Russian poet, prose writer, playwright, artist. His work had a great influence on his contemporaries and on the next generations of young people.

We have already told interesting facts about Lermontov, we highly recommend reading. Also, be sure to check out the drawings of Mikhail Yuryevich. Surely you will be surprised.

Childhood and youth

Born Lermontov October 3, 1814 in the family of an officer. However, his mother died early, so his own grandmother, Elizaveta Alekseevna Arsenyeva, took up the education of an orphan.

All the childhood of the future poet was spent in the village of Tarkhany of the Penza province, in the estate of Arsenyev.

Despite the fact that his grandmother was rich and loved her grandson very much, she opposed the fact that her father would see her son. Young Mikhail understood the abnormality of this situation and suffered greatly.

Studying at home languages ​​(French and German) and art, Lermontov showed himself to be quite a talented and promising boy.

By the way, he was very fond of mathematics and constantly solved some problems and examples.

Education and student years

In the years 1828-1830 he studied at the university hostel in Moscow, where his first poems were written.

In 1830-1832 the poet is a student at Moscow University. In a brief biography of Lermontov is difficult to describe all his hobbies.

Suffice it to mention that he had a lively and independent character, and was read by the works of Friedrich Schiller, William Shakespeare and George Byron.

By the way, Lermontov independently studied English in order to read Byron in the original.

However, the biography of Lermontov went on a non-standard way.

Soon, after a collision with a reactionary professorship, Mikhail Yuryevich was forced to leave the university and enter the Petersburg school of the guards ensigns and cavalry junkers. In 1834, after graduating from school, he was appointed to the Life Guards Hussars.

Creative biography of Lermontov

The name of Mikhail Lermontov instantly thundered all over Russia after he wrote the shocking poem “Death of a Poet”.

This verse became the cry of the soul of a desperate poet when he learned about the death of Alexander Pushkin, whom he idolized.

Along with fame came trouble. For the "rebel verse" Lermontov was sent to his first link. However, from this his biography acquired new colors.

The Caucasus, where the poet was exiled, made an indelible impression on the living mind of a genius. Its imprint is visible in almost all works.

On the way to exile, he writes the famous "Borodino", and is engaged in painting a lot.

Through the efforts of grandmother Mikhail, who had connections with Vasily Zhukovsky, who was close to the emperor, Lermontov allowed him to return from the Caucasus in a few months.

However, for a duel with the son of the French ambassador E. Barant, the poet is sent into exile a second time, and again to the Caucasus. It occurs in 1840.

It was then that he was directly involved in hostilities, where, according to the testimony of officers, he manifests himself as an extremely courageous and brave warrior.

Works of Lermontov

The most famous works of Lermontov are the novel "The Hero of Our Time", the poem "The Demon", "Mtsyri", "The Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov", the poems "The Sail", "The Poet's Death" and many others.

All these works were included in the golden fund of the literary heritage of Russia.

Lermontov's death

Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov was killed in a duel that occurred in Pyatigorsk. Things were like that. The poet was returning from exile, and on the way he met his long-time acquaintance, Nikolai Martynov.

They had a quarrel, as a result of which Martynov summoned the poet to a duel, where he died. Read more about the conflict of Lermontov and Martynov, read here.

The tragic death of Lermontov occurred July 15, 1841. He was only 26 years old.

At this the biography of Lermontov ends, but his legacy lives and inspires many people around the world to this day.

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