Photo Zbarskoy

Regina Zbarskaya (nee Kolesnikov) is perhaps the most famous and beautiful model of the Soviet Union.

She quite early became the world famous Soviet beauty. In Paris, she was given the nickname "The most beautiful weapon of the Kremlin."

There were legends about her beauty, and her natural femininity and charm drove men crazy. After marrying Lev Zbarsky, she, without knowing it, predetermined the tragic outcome of her life.

We described all this in the biography of Regina Zbarskaya.

Now we bring to your attention photos of the famous mannequin. Surely you can appreciate the beauty of Regina and her attractiveness, despite the rather poor quality of the pictures.

Photo Zbarsky in his youth

First look at the photo Zbarsky in his youth. Here she still does not know that she has a great future and world fame.

Fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev and fashion model Regina Zbarskaya

Zaitsev and Regina Zbarskaya

Photo Regina Zbarskaya

Photos Regina Zbarsky something like Elizabeth Taylor. At least in the opinion of the author of this collection of photos.

Photo Zbarsky after a mental hospital

Photo mannequin Zbarskoy

Looking at the photo of Zbarsky’s fashion model you understand why Federico Fellini called her Soviet Sophia Loren.

Photo Zbarsky in old age

A photo of Zbarsky in old age is rather an oxymoron. After all, one can hardly be called old age 52 years old. Namely, at this age Regina Zbarskaya died.

Photo Zbarsky after a mental hospital Regina killed herself on November 15, 1987

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