Photo of Mercury

Photos of one of the most famous British singers in the world - Freddie Mercury, are very popular. Despite the fact that the lead singer of the group Queen died back in 1991, his songs are relevant as well as then.

We hope that the photo of Mercury will bring pleasure to those who truly appreciate the work of this extraordinary artist.

By the way, you may be interested in the biography of Mercury. We highly recommend reading it in order to learn more about Freddie’s life.

So before you best photos of Mercury.

Photo by Freddie Mercury

In this collection you will find photos of different years, both from early youth, and at the peak of popularity.

Farruh with Mom Jer Bulsara, Zanzibar

Farruh (Freddie) with sister Kashmira

Farrukh (center) in high school Mercury and Mary Austin at the Queen Party, July 1986 Montserrat Caballe and Freddie Mercury At dinner party in dress coat On Madison Square Garden, New York, July 27, 1983 On the stage of Wembley Stadium during the Live Aid concert, London, July 13, 1985 Push ups on stage Freddie Mercury loved tea. Especially with bergamot. Freddie fooling around for a concertFreddie Mercury at the airport Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson With him Freddie Meruri and John Deacon Freddie loved his cats very much. During his tours, he sometimes made a phone call so that they could hear his voice. Freddy with his Delilha Mercury rests in Japan, April 22, 1975

Photo Queen

And this is a photo of Queen. It is in this composition that the group has become famous throughout the world and forever entered the history of music.

Latest photos of Mercury

On the last photo of Mercury it is clear that the singer is already extremely ill. At the same time he behaves calmly, and even fun. Here are the famous photos of Mercury before his death.

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