At all times, topics related to the end of the world were very popular. And our days are no exception.

In modern news, you can often hear the opinions of various experts, talking about the approach of a particular cataclysm, and humanity is regularly predicted a quick and inevitable death.

Some people think that life on Earth will end as a result of nuclear war or global warming. Others are seriously concerned about the intervention of alien beings from uncharted expanses of space.

Planet Nibiru

In recent years, scientific and science publications have increasingly discussed the so-called the planet Nibiruwhich supposedly represents a terrible threat to all mankind.

In order to understand what Nibiru is, and what is its real and potential danger, we bring to your attention this article.

Mention of Nibiru

The word "Nibiru" is a cosmogony concept, taken from Sumerian-Akkadian mythology.

The modern history of Nibiru began with the fact that Sumerian tablets with references to Nibiru were found in the territory of Mesopotamia. The Sumerians called Nibiru a celestial body and was associated with the Babylonian deity Marduk.

After the experts studied all the Sumerian tablets, it turned out that the ancient Babylonians represented Nibiru in the form of a certain axis of the world or a “fixed point”.

Brown Dwarf Satellite

Nowadays, new conspiracy theories and all kinds of doomsday versions related to Nibiru are increasingly appearing in the media.

According to one of them, the planet Nibiru acts as a satellite of a certain Brown Dwarf (Dark Star). And although the conditions on it are supposedly unsuitable for life, it can be an alien base or a spacecraft.

When the Brown Dwarf approaches the Sun as much as possible (which happens no more than once every 3,600 years), Nibiru acts as a catalyst for cataclysms.

Some pseudo-scientists suggest that it was Nibiru that at one time became the cause of the Flood. Others are convinced that the mysterious Atlantis, described in the writings of Plato, has disappeared because of this planet.

Nibiru and the Earth

Not so long ago, rumors began to appear on the Internet that Nibiru was an artificial spacecraft moving in outer space.

The craft is controlled by alien creatures living inside it. Proponents of this theory suggest that aliens can at any time destroy life on planet Earth.

Planet Nibiru and the end of the world

For the first time about the planet Nibiru started talking in the middle of the 20th century, however, as well as the Bermuda Triangle. It all started with a fantastic story told by an American lady.

So, once the aliens implanted a chip in Nancy Leader's brain. At least that is what Nancy herself claimed. With the help of this chip, aliens could transmit any information to it, as well as closely monitor earthlings.

Despite the absurdity of this story, the American media began to actively distribute it in the press and on television. A simple man in the street, who loves mysteries and secrets, likes the news.

As a result, Nancy Leader learned the story of journalist and writer Zecharia Sitchin, who later became the author of one of the versions of the existence of the planet Nibiru.

In his writings, Sitchin has repeatedly stated that Nibiru is inhabited by highly developed intelligent beings, whom he compared to Babylonian deities. Moreover, the author claimed that the end of the world would come in 2012, and would be associated, of course, with the planet Nibiru.

New Planet X

Some pseudoscientific editions boldly call Nibiru a new, tenth planet. At the same time, they are confident that official science for some reason hides this fact from the general public.

It all began when in 1978 two astronomers, Robert Harrington and Ton Van Flandern, discovered the satellite of Pluto. Thanks to this discovery, scientists were able to calculate the trajectory of the movement of neighboring planets - Uranus and Neptune.

Soon they discovered another space object, which, according to their calculations, was several times larger than the Earth.

It is worth noting that although they managed to fix the celestial body, none of them knew what it was. Later, the Hubble telescope took a snapshot of a mysterious find.

Ultimately, NASA was forced to admit the existence of a new planet, which the public immediately began calling Nibiru. Astronomers officially call it Planet X.

Pseudoscientific theory

Learning about this scientific discovery, the same American writer Zechariah Setchin, who was mentioned earlier, combined several versions of the existence of the planet Nibiru, and put forward his own.

Later, his theory became quite popular and began to be actively discussed in society. The source of all ideas of Setchina are the ancient Sumerian Texes.

According to his theory, Nibiru passes between Mars and Jupiter once every 3,600 years. He places particular emphasis on the fact that the Sumerians called Nibiru the twelfth planet, and not the tenth.

What was the reaction of scientists to these near-science fantasies? Authoritative astronomers and physicists have denied all the statements of Setchin. They proved that planets with such a mass and orbit in principle cannot be.

In addition, the experts recalled that no life could exist without sunlight. Archaeologists and experts studying the Sumerian tablets, also negatively addressed Setchin. They publicly stated that nowhere in the Sumerian texts Nibiru is not directly called a planet.

It is also worth noting that when searching for the mysterious planet, astronomers used the most modern technology. As a result, they were able to detect 11 objects located beyond Pluto, but none of them had anything to do with the declared characteristics of the planet Nibiru.

Interestingly, in 2009 it was reported that in the period 2001-2006, about 50% of the starry sky was scanned. As a result, scientists have not been able to detect any new objects with significant mass and volume.

It is also interesting that the next “end of the world”, connected, of course, with Nibiru, was to occur on August 16, 2018. However, this date was also successful, and our planet still exists.

It should be said that it is quite possible that in the future official data will appear on a possible planet Nibiru. But then we will write another article where we will tell all the secrets of the mysterious space object.

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