Required English words

If you are learning English from scratch, then you need the most necessary materials. Actually, we take care of this and try to publish only such posts in this category.

Before you go to most needed English wordsWe recommend that you familiarize yourself with the English grammar in one ingenious cheat sheet. Surely you will be delighted with the brevity and consistency of this grammar.

So, researchers at Oxford University found that only 100 most frequently used words of the English language cover about 50% of any English text (except for specialized and scientific literature).

And if we add to these words the 100 most necessary English nouns, the 100 most used verbs and the 100 most necessary English adjectives, then we get a base of 400 words.

In any English text, these words are found in abundance. Therefore, they definitely need to know.

We give you a list without translation and pronunciation - you can do it yourself. Our task is to provide you with a list of the necessary English words.

So, before you the most necessary English words.

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