Charles Perrot

Charles Perrault French - writer, poet, literary critic and author of many famous fairy tales. Based on his works, many children's cartoon and feature films have been shot.

There is hardly a person who has not heard of Cinderella or Puss in Boots, as well as other heroes of his works.

We invite you to get acquainted with the features of the biography of an outstanding storyteller, forever entered the history of children's literature.

So before you short biography of Charles Perrot.

Biography of Charles Perrot

Charles Perrault was born on January 12, 1628 in Paris. He grew up in a large intelligent family and was the last of 6 children of his parents. An interesting fact is that Charles had a twin brother who died a few months after birth.

Charles' father, Pierre, worked as a parliamentary judge, and his mother, Puckett Leklerkuze, was engaged in raising children and caring for the household.

It is worth noting that she was an educated and wise woman. It was a mother from an early age who taught children to read and instil in them a love of books.

Childhood and youth

When Charles Perrault turned 8 years old, he was sent to study at Beauvais College. Soon, he began to have problems with teachers, with whom he often argued, defending his point of view.

As a result, Charles dropped out of college and decided to independently study various sciences. In this way, he managed to learn Greek and Latin, as well as re-read a lot of classical literature.

In 1651, the young man received a law degree, after which for some time he worked as a lawyer. However, legal affairs were not very interested in Perrot, so he decided to change the type of activity.

As a result, he began working with his brother Claude, who was an architect. Subsequently, the future writer will become a member of the French Academy of Sciences and take part in the construction of the Louvre Palace.

After that, Charles Perrault worked as a clerk for 10 years with his brother Pierre, who was a tax collector. In parallel with this, Charles continued to read books, greedily absorbing new knowledge.

Thanks to this, they began to talk about Charles as a wise and educated person. Soon Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who worked as Minister of Finance for Louis 14, drew attention to him.

It was he who helped Perrault to take the post of secretary. At the same time, the future writer was Colbert's cultural adviser.

Later, Charles Perrault's career began to grow rapidly upward. He became a member of the Committee of Writers, was responsible for the production of tapestries and was actively involved in the construction of Versailles and the Louvre.

In 1671, a landmark event took place in the biography of Charles Perrault. He was elected a member of the Academy of France. At that time, he was one of the most famous people in a country with a fairly solid state.

Works by Charles Perrot

Perrault began writing his first works while he was still studying. Later, he and his brother Claude composed a fairy tale "War of the Raven against the Stork". An interesting fact is that he collaborated not only with Claude, but also with another brother, Pierre.

Together with them, Charles managed to create a "Collection of selected works," in which, in addition to fairy tales, there were also plays. In parallel with this, Charles Perrault composed poems, many of which he dedicated to friends and officials.

Portrait of Charles Perrault in the mantle of a member of the French Academy at the age of 66

When his wife died, the writer fell into a deep depression. He often reflected on the meaning of life and became a very pious man. During this period of biography, against the background of personal upheaval, he created two poems: "St. Paul" and "Adam and the Creation of the World."

However, soon Charles began to lose interest in the eyes of the king. In this regard, he dedicated several works to the monarch, among which were "The Century of Louis the Great" and "Ode to the Taking of Filsburg". But this did not help him regain his former significance at the royal court.

Tales of Charles Perrot

After some time, Perrault became interested in composing fairy tales, which were then incredibly popular. In 1696 the tale "Sleeping Beauty" was published, as well as a number of other works. His work has aroused great interest, both among ordinary readers and representatives of the elite.

It is worth noting that many of the tales of Charles Perrault were not so much invented as they skillfully worked on the stories he heard from a nanny in childhood.

An interesting fact is that originally Charles Perrault signed works in the name of his son - Perro d'Armancourt. He himself preferred to remain in the shadows.

Subsequently, it will play a cruel joke with him. In the 20th century, a number of biographers consider that many works belong not to him, but to his son. However, this will not be confirmed by any facts.

In 1697, one of Perro's most popular collections of Mothers Goose's Tales, or Stories and Tales of Bygone Times with Teachings, was released. This book was attended by such fairy tales as "Cinderella", "Puss in Boots", "Little Red Riding Hood" and other works that today are considered classics of children's literature.

Charles had a very easy and simple style of writing, which was understandable for both children and adults. Despite this, all his works had a deep moral. At the same time, he wrote not only for children's audiences.

As a member of the Academy of Sciences, Perrault led the work on the creation of the "General Dictionary of the French language." This work was completed only in 1694, 40 years after it began.

In addition, Charles Perrault published the book "Famous People of France of the 17th Century", in which biographies of various famous personalities were presented.

It is also worth adding that Perrault was one of the most respected critics of culture and science.

Personal life

Charles Perrault did not like to parade his personal life. It is known that he married only 44 years old Marie Gushon, who was 25 years younger than him.

In this marriage, they had three boys - Charles-Samuel, Charles, Pierre and one girl - Francoise. In connection with the early death of Marie, their marriage union lasted only 6 years.


In the biography of Perrot were sad episodes. On charges of murder, his son Pierre was sentenced to imprisonment. My father did everything he could to help get him out of prison, and soon achieved his goal.

However, in 1699, Pierre died in the war, during one of the campaigns led by Louis 14.

This event was for the writer a real blow, from which he could not recover.

Charles Perrault died May 16, 1703 in Paris, at the age of 75 years.

An interesting fact is that Charles Perrault was the fourth after Andersen, Jack London and the Grimm brothers in terms of publishing in the USSR by a foreign writer. The total circulation of 300 of its editions was 60.798 million copies for the entire period of Soviet history.

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