Yegor Barinov

Yegor Barinov - Russian theater and film actor, director. For his biography, he managed to play in hundreds of films and TV shows.

Barinov began acting in 5 years, and all his life doing his favorite thing, being the subject of adoration for many fans.

So, before you is the history of the biography of Yegor Barinov.

Childhood and youth

Yegor Valerievich Barinov was born on September 9, 1975 in Moscow. He grew up in a creative and educated family. His father, Valery Aleksandrovich, is an acting film actor. In 1999 he was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Egor's mother is a director.

Barinov's parents divorced when he was still a child. As a result, the boy stayed with his father, but he often saw his mother too.

Barinov Sr. was a very capricious and hard man. From early childhood he taught his son to discipline and instilled in him a love for theatrical art.

When Egor Barinov was barely 5 years old, his first cinema debut took place. After that, the boy wanted to become a famous artist, following in the footsteps of his father. After graduating from school, he successfully passed the exams at the Schepkinsky drama school and plunged into the world of art.

After graduating from college in 1996, Barinov became an actor in the Pushkin Theater, where he worked for about two years. After that, he worked for a year at the Armen Jigarkhanyan Theater.

In 2000, Egor first appeared on the stage of the Maly Theater, but after a few years he realized that he wanted to become a film actor.


As mentioned earlier, for the first time Yegor Barinov starred at the age of five in the film Cherry Reservoir. 10 years later he appeared in the film "Nautilus".

After a six-year break, Barinov participated in the filming of the film "Agate". An interesting fact is that in this film, along with Yegor, his father was also shot. Then he appeared in different pictures, playing minor characters.

Soon, Yegor Barinov appeared in such well-known television series like Kadetstvo, Daddy's Daughters, Margosha, and The March of Turkey.

Barinov calls the film "Nanking Landscape" one of his most successful works in cinema.

In it, he skillfully played a cold-blooded killer. The film was appreciated by film critics and won several awards.

Interestingly, by its nature, Egor is a calm and reasonable person. However, most often he is offered to play negative characters.

According to the directors, his tall, cool look and wide cheekbones are great for antiheroes.

Then Yegor Barinov performed the main roles in such films as “Love for a Million”, “The Other Shore” and “Russian Character”. To date, in his creative biography of more than 150 films and television series.

In 2006, Egor played the role of Quentin Tarantino in the modern comedy “Take Tarantina”. The director of the film, Roman Kachanov, noted Barinov’s obvious similarity with the famous Hollywood film director.

As a result, Barinov managed to perfectly convey the image of his hero. An interesting fact is that Bogdan Stupka and Lyudmila Gurchenko took part in this mini-series.

In 2011, Yegor Barinov graduated from directors' courses. As a thesis, he presented the short film "Beat", shot without words.

4 years later, his film was awarded the main prize at the Independent Film Festival. In 2014, the actor appeared in the youth television series "Fizruk" as Ronin.

Personal life

For the first time, Yegor Barinov married in his youth. His chosen became the actress Elena Novikova. However, after 2 years of family life, the couple realized that they do not fit together. As a result, they decided to leave.

An interesting fact is that during the divorce, Elena learned that she was pregnant. However, the couple is still divorced. Born boy stayed with his mother.

Barinov's second wife was an actress named Ksenia.

Yegor Barinov with his wife Ksenia and daughters

Their affair lasted for 4 years, after which the girl gave an ultimatum to her lover: either a wedding or a separation.

At that time, Egor did not really want to part with his bachelor life. However, when he realized that Xenia was not joking, he decided to make her an offer.

According to the actor, he is happy that he has such a loving and loyal wife. In this marriage, they had three girls: Polina, Anastasia and Maria.

Yegor Barinov today

In 2016, Egor appeared in the criminal television series "Metro Police Captain", playing the role of Shtyr. In 2017, he appeared in the action-packed film The Fugitive, which dealt with a talented crook.

In the same year, the actor appeared in the drama "Faith". This picture showed the life of Orthodox Old Believers living in the village.

Since Yegor Barinov is at the peak of his popularity, fans will see him more than once in various films and television series. It is also possible that in the future he will please us with some directorial work.

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