Fool half work does not show

Do you know who does not show half the work? If you have heard such a remark in your address, you can be sure that they wanted to offend you.

The fact is that half of the work does not show fools. This is such an ancient wisdom of the people.

Surely you already guessed why you can not show half the work of a fool. He simply will not understand the ultimate goal, the importance and expediency of what you are doing. And, it is quite likely that he will even begin to criticize you.

That is why since ancient times known catch phrase:


Dialectic folk variations

This phrase has different variations. Here are some of the most common:

  • To the fool (fools) half the cases do not appear (do not show).
  • To a fool (fools) half (half / half) of affairs (affairs) do not appear (do not show / do not show).
  • A fool (fools) is half the battle.
  • Fool (fools) do not show half the work.
  • The unfinished work is not shown to fools.
  • English Don't see the job half-done.

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