Yuri Titov

Yuri Titov is a Russian singer and former member of Star Factory 4. He is the performer of the hits "Ponaroshku" and "Forever."

In front of you brief biography of Yuri Titov.

Childhood and youth

Yuri Titov was born on April 12, 1985 in Moscow. Already at an early age he showed great artistic abilities. When he was 7 years old, his parents sent his son to a music school in violin class.

At the same time, Yuri was a soloist in the school choir, with whom he went on tour to Turkey. Soon the boy was invited to record songs for the children's program "Album Bim-Bom."

At the age of 8, Titov took part in the Good Heart festival, in which he won the main prize.

At the age of 15, Yuri Titov externally graduated from the 10th and 11th grades, after which he entered the pop-jazz studio. A year later, he successfully passed the exams in the Moscow Institute of Modern Art in the music department.

At the age of 17, Yuri took part in the TV show “Become a Star”, but he failed to win it. An interesting fact is that the young man hid his true age from the judicial commission, saying that he had already reached 18 years of age.

After that, Yuri Titov was casting for the show "People's Artist". He was able to conquer the hearts of the jury and television viewers, as a result of which he entered the "top thirty" best performers.

According to the results of the reality show, Titov took the 6th place.

Star Factory

In 2004, Titov got on the popular project "Star Factory". It is worth noting that on the eve of the audition he fell seriously ill. He had a fever, so they wanted to put him in the hospital.

Yuri understood that if he was in the clinic, he would not be able to participate in a television project. The guy persuaded his parents to take him to the Ostankino, since he himself would not have got there.

Gathering with the last forces, Yuri still managed to perform the song "Nothing's the same". The members of the jury could not even think how hard it was for him not only to sing, but even just to stand on his feet.

After the performance, he was immediately taken home by taxi. Going into his room, he collapsed on the bed in an unconscious state.

Soon Titov was diagnosed with pneumonia, and as a result, he was prescribed a serious treatment.

At the "Star Factory" Yuri managed to take the 5th place. In addition, he met many well-known artists who in the future gave him serious support.


In 2007, Titov presented his first solo album, Room. He also shot 2 video clips on the song "Ponarok" and "Forever."

His songs were on the top of the charts for a long time and were often played on radio stations.

In 2017, Yuri recorded a new song "My Heart", which was later filmed.

Personal life

As a member of "Star Factory" Titov fell in love with Irina Dubtsova. However, the girl made him understand that she was not going to start a novel with anyone, since she focused solely on winning a TV project.

After that, Yuri drew attention to Eugene Volkonskaya. Young people found a lot in common, so they soon began to meet. When the parents of the girl saw their daughter in the arms of Yuri, they insisted that she leave the program.

After some time, Titov began an affair with Theon Kontridze. Initially, between them was a complete idyll, but later they realized that they did not fit each other. Soon, Teona found out about her pregnancy from a former boyfriend.

When Yuri found out about this, he publicly stated that he was not abandoning the child, and that he was ready to support him in every way. However, he refused to marry Kontridze.

At the moment, Titov is not married to anyone. Recently in the press there were rumors that he was dating the singer Sonasa Kaba.

Perhaps in the future we will learn more details about their relationship.

Yuri Titov today

To date, Yuri Titov still continues to record new songs and perform at concerts.

In addition, he often tours in different cities of Russia. An ambitious guy can often be seen at secular parties in a circle of famous artists.

Since Yuri Titov does not lose his popularity, fans will hear his songs more than once.

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