Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda (also known as LOBODA) is a popular Ukrainian singer, host, and singer. In 2013, she was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. He is an ex-soloist of the band "VIA Gra".

In this article we consider the main events of the biography of Loboda, as well as the most interesting facts from her life.

So before you short biography of Loboda.

Biography of Loboda

Svetlana Sergeevna Loboda was born on October 18, 1982 in Kiev. Even in early childhood, she often spoke to her parents - Sergey Vasilyevich and Natalia Vasilyevna.

During school, the girl loved to participate in amateur art activities. Svetlana's father and mother never hindered her musical and vocal hobbies.

Childhood and youth

Svetlana Loboda's childhood was quite active and intense creative activity.

An interesting fact is that the grandmother of the future actress in the past was an opera singer. She was the one who urged her granddaughter to develop her vocal abilities and attend music school in piano.


After receiving a school certificate, Svetlana Loboda entered the Kiev Pop-Circus Academy in the vocal department. However, the learning process itself has never caused her much interest. In this regard, while still a student, she began performing in the group "Cappuccino".

Later, the musical group received a certain popularity and began to give tours of the Ukrainian cities. Interestingly, Tina Karol was also a member of this group.

Over time, Loboda wanted to leave the “Cappuccino,” but under the contract she had to work in it for another 2 years. However, when the group had no work, the girl finally had the opportunity to perform with a solo program. At that time, Svetlana was known under the pseudonym Alicia Gorn.

At the end of December 2003, a new Ketch group was formed. Loboda herself picked up the repertoire, decided on the stage image and became the main performer and producer of the band.

At one of the performances on Svetlana, Konstantin Meladze drew attention, after which many significant events took place in the artist's creative biography.

Loboda in viagra

Soon Loboda successfully passed the casting at Meladze, because he urgently needed to replace one of the members of the group "VIA Gra". As you know, in this group all performers should have not only a good voice, but also an attractive appearance.

As a result, Svetlana Loboda was able to replace the departed Anna Sedokova, because she possessed all the listed qualities. According to the singer, the work in "Viagra" took away all her strength.

The rest of the group, Vera Brezhneva and Nadezhda Meikher, also had a hard time.

It is worth noting that the girls needed full return, both on stage and at rehearsals. Each of them had to fulfill their role, adhering to clear rules established by the producer.

Later Loboda realized that she can no longer, as if the robot fulfill these requirements, not the name of the right to move left or right.

Producers began to notice that Svetlana increasingly stands out against the background of Brezhnev and Meikher. This caused a number of controversies. Ultimately, a stinging brunette decided to leave Viagra and pursue an independent career. Biography Loboda again made a sharp turn.

Loboda solo career

Many did not believe in the creative success of Loboda, but the girl showed an amazing sense of purpose. It was her solo career that brought her the greatest popularity and universal recognition.

Already a month after leaving Viagra, she presented the song "Black and White Winter", which caused a lot of positive feedback from music critics.

After that, Svetlana Loboda presented the video for the song "I forget you", for which she was awarded the first award "Best Foreign Clip". In 2005, the first album of the young singer was recorded - "You will not forget."

In 2006, Svetlana was invited to conduct the TV show “Shoumaniya”. Later she became the leader of another program - Miss CIS, which appeared on Russian TV.

An interesting fact is that, in addition to his creative career, Loboda was engaged in charity. For this, she organized an exhibition of her photos. All fees from her were sent to help children with cancer.

In 2008 the 2nd album of Svetlana was released - “Not Ma4o”. The following year, she represented Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest, performing the song "Be My Valentine". And although she did not take prizes, the performance of the actress was remembered by many European viewers.

In 2010, Svetlana recorded the song "The Heart Beats" in a duet with Max Barsky. It is interesting that shortly before this she had a very unpleasant conflict with the then participant of the show “Star Factory”.

Svetlana Loboda and Max Barsky

Once Barsky, right on the stage, began cutting his veins, confessing his love for Loboda. But soon the artists improved their relations and even went on joint tours.

In 2013, a significant event took place in Svetlana Loboda’s biography. She was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. After that, she recorded several singles and sang in a duet with Emin the song "You look at the sky."

In 2015, Loboda presented another clip “It's time to go home,” which received great popularity. Many participants of the television project "Eagle and Tashka" starred in it. At the same time, she went on a big tour of Ukrainian cities.

At the end of 2015, Svetlana Loboda was recognized as the most famous woman in Ukraine. Two years later, her 3rd studio album "H2LO" was released, featuring the sensational song "To Hell with Love". She received the prestigious Golden Gramophone award for this song.

Loboda's personal life

For a long time, Loboda lived together with Andrei Tsar, who worked as a choreographer in her ballet. In 2011, they had a girl Evangelina. However, already 3 years after the birth of the daughter, the young people broke up.

The media has repeatedly appeared information that the actual marriage of Svetlana allegedly broke up due to her love affair with Nazar Grabar. However, both Loboda and Grabar deny these rumors. The position for today is a guy working on a dancer at the actress.

Svetlana Loboda and her daughter

In May 2018, it became known that Svetlana Loboda had a second daughter, Tilda. Until now, the father's name remains unknown to the public.

According to some sources, the father of the girl is the frontman of the German rock band "Rammstein" Till Lindemann.

They were first seen together in Azerbaijan in 2017. And although many talk about the turbulent romance of artists, they themselves refuse to give any comments on this matter.

Svetlana's fans often wonder about her appearance. There are rumors that the singer has repeatedly resorted to plastic. However, she herself repeatedly stated that she never went under a surgeon's knife.

In confirmation of this are the early photos of Loboda. They also have plump lips and a straight nose.

An interesting fact from the biography of Loboda: Svetlana is a fan of American musician Lenny Kravitz. In the future, she plans to perform a song with her idol.

Svetlana Loboda today

Svetlana Loboda still continues to actively perform on stage and give concerts. Her songs are very popular throughout the former Soviet Union.

In 2017, Loboda, together with Alexander Revva, became the leading "star" release of the Eagle and Tails program. The following year, she presented 4 new singles: "Guy", "SuperStar", "INSTADRAMA" and "Fly".

The latter composition became especially popular, thanks to which it was used as a soundtrack for the film “Gogol. Viy”.

Due to the tense situation in the east of Ukraine, Svetlana is criticized for her performances in Russia. Some radical citizens of Ukraine have repeatedly called for depriving her of the title of Honored Artist and prohibiting entry into the country.

As Svetlana Loboda continues to enjoy staggering popularity, fans will hear many more songs performed by her.

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