Biography of Panfilov

Nikita Panfilov - Russian film and theater actor, broadcaster. The greatest popularity brought him such paintings as "Dog", "Presumption of Innocence", "Bullet" and "Sweet Life".

In this article we will look at the main events of Panfilov’s biography, as well as the most interesting facts from his life.

So before you brief biography of Nikita Panfilov.

Biography of Nikita Panfilov

Nikita Vladislavovich Panfilov was born on April 30, 1979 in Moscow. His father, Vladislav Vladimirovich, is the head of the Moscow Theater of Eager Comedians, and his mother works as a director of the Monoton Theater.

As the boy grew up and was raised in a creative family, from an early age he was familiar with theatrical life and had corresponding inclinations.

Childhood and youth

Already at the age of 5, a significant event happened in the biography of Nikita Panfilov - he first appeared on the big stage. An interesting fact is that initially the child did not want to associate his life with acting. Instead, he wanted to become a doctor, and after some time - a professional athlete.

During school, the parents gave Nikita to the Greco-Roman wrestling. Their son was making notable progress and already in the 8th grade he became a master of sports. Soon he was in the junior Olympic reserve in Russia.

However, grueling workouts and endless competitions deprived Panfilov of any strength. Therefore, he decided to heed the advice of a mother who wanted to see her son as an actor.

After receiving a school certificate, Nikita Panfilov entered the Institute of Contemporary Art at the acting department. However, he could not graduate from high school because he was drafted into the army.

Returning home, Panfilov decided to get an acting education at all. As a result, he became a student at the Moscow Art Theater School Studio, which he successfully graduated in 2006.

Films of Nikita Panfilov

The creative biography of Nikita Panfilov began during his studies at the university. He was entrusted to play the legendary Ikar staged by Yevgeny Grishkovets "The Siege".

His play was positively evaluated by theater critics. After that, he played more than one role on the big stage.

Later Panfilov was invited to play in the famous TV series "Adjutants of Love." He coped well with the role of the scout, which brought him a certain fame and recognition of the public.

In the period of biography 2005-2012. Nikita starred in 25 films, mostly playing secondary characters.

The most successful films with his participation were "Churchill", "Blood is not water", "Bro" and "Duhless". The last film played an important role in the creative biography of the actor.

The acclaimed drama "Duhless" brought Nikita Panfilov great popularity. He managed to masterfully convey the image of his character. After the premiere of this picture, he began to offer key roles in various Russian projects.

In 2013, Panfilov was approved for one of the key roles in the action-packed serials “The Explosion Point” and “Personal Business”. He then received major roles in the films Sweet Life, Dog and Escape from Moskvabad. He was trusted to play both positive and negative characters.

An interesting fact is that the dramatic series "Sweet Life" so much liked the viewer that the directors came to shoot his sequel, which lasted for 2 more seasons. Curiously, the hero Panfilov - Igor, gradually transformed into a positive character.

After that, the biography of Nikita Panfilov was replenished with such rating paintings as "Major", "Londongrad" and "30 Dates". In 2016-2018 3 more parts of the crime series "The Dog" were filmed, which were broadcast on both Ukrainian and Russian TV.

Panfilov's personal life

In the biography of Nikita Panfilov there were 3 women. His first wife was Vera Babenko, with whom he met as a student. However, soon after the marriage, the couple realized that they were not suitable for each other.

Panfilova’s second wife was Lada Poyarkova. The couple had a boy, whom they named Dobrynia. An interesting fact is that the artist has agreed to attend the birth of his first child to support his spouse. Their family union lasted 5 years.

Nikita Panfilov and his ex-wife Lada

In 2015, Ksenia Sokolova appeared in Panfilov’s biography, whom he met on the Internet. The girl was a doctor and then lived in St. Petersburg. Young people are increasingly communicating, with the result that Xenia decided to come to her lover in the capital. Since they have never parted.

In his interviews, Panfilov repeatedly stated that he was madly in love with Xenia, who was always with him. However, he often talked about the fact that his second spouse did everything possible to destroy his new family.

Nikita admitted that Lada turns their common son Dobrynya against him. It is worth noting that it was she who initiated the divorce, while the actor did his best to save the family.

When all the formalities of the divorce were over, Panfilov immediately made an offer to Xenia.

Nikita Panfilov with wife Xenia

The girl agreed, after which the newlyweds secretly legitimized their relationship. An interesting fact is that even their parents did not know about the marriage.

Happy spouses love to travel the world and ski. In 2018, they had a girl named Aurora, who made their marriage even stronger.

Nikita Panfilov today

Not long ago, Nikita Panfilov managed to find a common language with Lada, thanks to which he began to see his son often. He still continues to actively act in films.

In 2018, Panfilov received the main roles in the films "Bullet", "Presumption of Innocence" and "Dog 4". In 2019, the actor's creative biography was supplemented by a detective "Likhach", where he was also entrusted with the main role.

It's safe to say that fans will see Nikita Panfilov more than once in rating TV projects.

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