Interesting facts from the life of Rachmaninoff

Interesting facts from the life of Rachmaninoff will tell you about many interesting features of his biography. Today the works of the great composer can be heard in the performance of the best orchestras of the world.

So, before you are the most interesting facts from the life of the great Russian composer Sergey Rakhmaninov.

13 interesting facts from the life of Rachmaninov

  1. Both Rachmaninov’s father and grandfather were excellent pianists. In addition, both of them were in military service, and therefore they wanted Sergei to become a soldier. Nevertheless, the composer decided to link his life exclusively with music.
  2. Did you know that while playing the piano, Rachmaninov could cover up to 12 white keys?
  3. The first music teacher Sergei Rachmaninoff was his mother. She began to teach her son when he was only 4 years old.
  4. By the age of 7, Rachmaninov liked to play various musical works with his grandfather.
  5. Conservatory guy graduated with a gold medal. At the same time, he still continues to be considered the most gifted by her graduate.
  6. An interesting fact is that Rachmaninov was not only a brilliant composer, but also an excellent conductor.
  7. Rachmaninov had a phenomenal musical memory. Hearing any work only 1 time, he could unmistakably play it on the piano.
  8. In the biography of Rachmaninov was a rather interesting case. When he passed the Harmony Exam at the Conservatory, Peter Tchaikovsky was among the examiners. The latter liked the game of the student so much that he gave him a rating of 5 with four more pluses.
  9. An interesting fact is that the first symphony of Rachmaninoff was a failure and was subjected to harsh criticism. As a result, the young composer has not composed any works for three years.
  10. Many of Rachmaninov’s productions are reference ones (for example, the world famous opera Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky).
  11. When the musician managed to get permission from the authorities to leave the Soviet Union, he initially went to Europe, and then flew to the United States.
  12. Until the end of Rachmaninov’s life, he played the piano for several hours a day.
  13. The grave of the great Russian composer and conductor Sergey Rakhmaninov is located at Kensico cemetery, not far from New York.

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