Power of thought

Power of thought - this is what a lot of people talk about, but very few people actually use it in their lives. Why is this happening? What is the power of the brain, and what is human consciousness?

Consciousness is a state of the mental life of the organism, expressed in the subjective experience of the events of the external world and the body of the body, as well as in the account of these events.

In his book, The Subconscious Can Everything, John Kehoe sets out a number of principles that can change your life, filling it not just with new colors, but with genuine meaning and success.

In this article we will look at some important points of this wonderful book and demonstrate the amazing power of thought. Surely not only psychology lovers will be interested in this post, but also to all those who are interested in self-development.

Brain power

To use the power of the brain, it is not necessary to know the laws of physics or to understand the essence of reality - you do not need to know the device of the car to drive it.

The same is true of the power of the brain - anyone can master the basics of this system and successfully apply it in practice in everyday life.

The interaction of consciousness and the material world is no longer seen as something fantastic: consciousness is energy in its subtlest and most dynamic form.

It helps to understand why our fantasies, mental images, desires, and fears influence real events, and explains how the image created by the brain materializes.

Everything is based on mutual influence. Wherever we go and whatever we do, our thoughts create the surrounding reality. This is the power of thought.

Power of consciousness

We live simultaneously in two worlds, two realities: the inner reality of our thoughts, feelings and views and the outer reality, where there are people, places, things and events. Unable to separate these Inner and Outer worlds, we allow the seemingly Outer world to dominate our lives, relegating to the Inner only the role of a “mirror” reflecting everything that happens to us.

Our inner world is very sensitive, and, only reacting to external influences, we do not have the opportunity to realize how much power we possess.

It is important to understand that a person begins to change the reality in which it exists, precisely on that day, hour and minute, when he ceases to react to it continuously.

Perhaps we would treat our mental processes with great attention, if for every thought, depending on its nature, we had to receive or give away a dollar. Given that thousands of thoughts arise in our brain every day, this proposal seems very tempting.

By the way, this is exactly what happens to us, only the role of dollars is energy, which acts in a huge accounting system. It is called the universe, and not a single thought is left without attention from its side.

Each person creates his own life, so from time to time it is necessary to critically look at your lifestyle and the principles that guide you.

  • You are striving for financial prosperity, but your mind is set up for lack of money and anxiety, and you will never achieve this prosperity. Perhaps you need to find a new job, something interesting and promising, where you could realize your creative potential and also earn good money. Constantly repeating to myself that such work simply does not exist, that you will never find it, you will never really get it.
  • Perhaps you want to be more sociable, relaxed, self-confident, but you constantly think how awkward you are, do not know how to support the company, again and again reminding yourself of your own problems and shortcomings. As a result, you are unlikely to become what you want.
  • Do you want to change circumstances? For this, develop the necessary type of consciousness. A successful person always possesses a mind tuned for success.

A wealthy person develops an appropriate consciousness in himself, and his thoughts are devoted to prosperity, success and material well-being. This is his way of thinking and this is where his thought power is manifested.

“It’s good for him,” you say. “When you succeed, it’s easy to think about success; it’s not difficult for the rich to reflect on prosperity, but I’m all different. I’m a loser; I’m poor. Life circumstances are dragging me down.”

But this is fundamentally wrong! You do not interfere with life circumstances and the situation. The only thing that bothers you and does not allow you to succeed is your thoughts.

With a little effort and practice, you will learn how to manage your thoughts and produce the desired type of consciousness.

The surrounding reality can change only after you have developed a new type of consciousness, but not before. A new consciousness must go ahead.

Have you decided what you want from life? Health? Then develop a health consciousness. Material well-being? Cultivate consciousness towards wealth. Happiness? Develop the consciousness of happiness.

Everything exists in the form of a potential opportunity. All you have to do is to provide the charge of the necessary energy, and then your goal will become a reality.

It is pleasant to be aware of the fact that regardless of life circumstances in the past and present, regardless of previous failures, your life will change if you feed your consciousness with energy!
Use the power of thought is available to everyone, and each of us has the right to either accept this fact, or reject it, and miss out on tremendous opportunities.

An interesting fact is that in order to develop the power of thought you don’t need to have a lot of money or have any special talents. All you need is a determination to spend some time and make the necessary efforts to develop an appropriate type of consciousness. However, many people are too lazy to even do this.

There is a beautiful metaphor that clearly demonstrates how we can develop the power of thought.

Our brain is like a garden, for which you can take care, and you can run it. You are a gardener and you can grow your garden or leave it in desolation. In this case, it is you who will reap the fruits of either your work or your own inaction, because it is the brain that creates the reality around you.

You can agree or disagree with this, you can become aware of this and make your brain work for you or let everything take its course, allowing your brain to work so that you will be constantly haunted by failure.

But the reality in which you live will always be created by your brain.

Visualization or mental presentation

What makes a person a winner? What is the difference between successful people and losers? Let's give some examples from life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“It's all in my head,” says Arnold Schwarzenegger. A multimillionaire, a successful real estate tycoon, a movie star, a bodybuilder, who won the title “Mr. Universe” five times, - Arnold achieved all of this. But this was not always the case.

“As a very young boy, I mentally presented myself as I would like to be. In my thoughts I never doubted that I would become that way. The brain is truly unique. Even before assigning me the first title“ Mr. Universe ”, I already imagined myself winning in this tournament. The main prize was mine. I won it many times in my mind that I had no doubt that it would be the same way. The same thing happened with my film career. I imagined myself a talented actor earning a lot of money. I literally felt success and felt its taste. I just knew it would happen. "

Chris Poline

Chris Poline was a member of the world-famous West German freestyle team that won the European Cup six times.

"Part of our workouts was working with a psychologist aimed at strengthening the brain. After training on the slopes, the psychologist asked us to mentally go through every slope, every springboard and turn. During this mental training, we worked as hard as during the present. Perfection in sports, as in any other activity, it directly depends on the ability to create a clear mental image of their actions. "

Chris knows what he is talking about: she is not only the owner of six medals, but also the head of a successful business and sports consulting company, whose goal is to explain to people how to succeed using similar techniques.

Brian edwards

Brian Edwards, a resilient man with a great sense of humor, is engaged in life insurance. Every night before bed, he mentally loses the scenes of the visits to be made the next day.

He mentally draws a conversation with each client and imagines that they are all friendly and willing to agree to insure their lives. Brian imagines a good day for which he managed to conclude many insurance contracts.

He does this for ten minutes before going to bed and ten minutes in the morning after waking up. In general, it turns out twenty minutes every day.

In one day, Brian Edwards sells more insurance policies than many insurance agents have in six months, and he constantly ranks among the one percent of the best representatives of his profession.

Three different people with different goals and life perspectives, but they all use the same technique, which helps to build reality and actively influence it, the method of visualization, or mental representation.

Visualization of desires

Visualization is a mental representation, replay, seeing oneself in a situation that has not yet occurred. Man imagines himself doing or having what he aspires to. Moreover, in his imagination he gets what he wants.

Let's say you want to develop self-confidence. Using imagination, you imagine yourself a confident person.

Mentally, you commit bold actions and freely communicate with a variety of people. You imagine situations that usually cause you difficulties, and imagine that you act in them easily, at ease and achieve success.

You can even imagine how your friends and colleagues give you compliments, congratulating you on the acquired self-confidence.

You feel pride and satisfaction from the fact that you have become a self-confident person, and from the changes that occurred as a result. You imagine what could and will happen to you, and live as if it is happening in reality.

When visualizing, endow yourself with any necessary qualities. If talent, courage, determination and perseverance are necessary for your mental image, be sure to include them.

Sometimes you will clearly see that you are achieving a desired goal, as if watching a movie. In other cases, you will face only the most general picture of your goals. Good thing, and more.

Visualization method

To properly visualize desires, you should follow two simple, but very important rules.

  1. Always present your goals as if all this is happening to you right now. In your mind, make it a reality. Create detailed images. Enter the role and mentally play it.
  2. Mentally present your goal at least once a day, without missing a single day.

It is important to understand that any thought that has arisen in your brain and strengthened there will have an impact on your life.

Creative visualization has tremendous power, but there is nothing supernatural about it. It is based on the work of your internal mechanisms and energy, as well as the ability to creatively direct your internal resources.

With proper organization, imagination is one of the most dynamic possibilities of a person. Start using this gift right now. Do not worry and do not think about the specific aspects of this phenomenon, just trust the process. Demand follows supply, so you get the right result at the right time.

The circumstances will be such that you can realize your goals - you can count on it.

Your thoughts are much stronger than you think, and every mental image is a real power that can affect your life.

The statement that a person possesses such capabilities is not an invention of science fiction. They really exist in us as a practical mechanism that we can use at will.

Well, friends, now you know how important the power of thought is in our lives. That is why it is so important to understand this, and to use it consciously.

Of course, the consciousness and subconscious of a person are far from a fully explored sphere. However, science is constantly exploring this area, receiving new evidence of the amazing and mysterious power of the brain.

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