Interesting facts about Vladimir

Interesting facts about Vladimir tell you about the features and attractions of this wonderful city. As you know, Vladimir is part of the Golden Ring of Russia.

There are many architectural monuments here, to which Russian and foreign tourists come to see. Near Vladimir is located Suzdal, where you can also see a lot of historical objects.

16 interesting facts about Vladimir

  1. The first chronicle news of the founding of Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich of the city, named in his honor, dates back to 990.
  2. In the period of 12-14 centuries, Vladimir was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Vladimir.
  3. Today in the city you can see 3 sights, built even before the invasion of the Mongol-Tatar yoke: the Golden Gate, Dmitrievsky and Assumption Cathedrals.
  4. An interesting fact is that in total in Vladimir there are 239 structures erected at the turn of the 18-19 centuries.
  5. Initially, the Golden Gate sections, which were actually covered with pure gold, were removed and taken away by the Mongols in an unknown direction. Still remains the mystery of the fate of the gate.
  6. Did you know that the famous icon painter Andrei Rublev took part in the painting of the Assumption Cathedral?
  7. During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), 18 military hospitals operated in Vladimir. As a result, the city was a strategically important facility, where tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers were treated.
  8. An interesting fact is that in Vladimir you can see the "house with ghosts." During the construction of the building, the builders made some mistakes, as a result of which voids were formed in the walls. This led to an unusual effect - the house began to hear extraneous noises and sounds.
  9. In the late 60s, Vladimir was known as one of the most industrial cities of the USSR. For this reason, in 1971 he was awarded the Red Banner of Labor.
  10. On the City Day, many residents of Vladimir put on their national costumes, after which they participate in the procession "Three Capitals of Great Russia". The path starts from the Golden Gate and ends at the Cathedral Square.
  11. Trinity Church is one of the main Old Believer churches in the European part of the Russian Federation.
  12. An interesting fact is that in 1299 the Russian Metropolitan Department was moved from Kiev to Vladimir.
  13. Here is the famous prison for especially dangerous criminals - Vladimir Central. According to official sources, in the whole history of its existence, not a single prisoner could escape from here.
  14. In 1961, the construction of a railway station began in Vladimir.
  15. City dwellers nicknamed the bypass road around Vladimir, belonging to the M-7 highway, - "Beijing". It is said that initially the highway was planned to be laid up to the capital of China, but this project was never implemented.
  16. Since 2013, Vladimir has been the center of the metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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