Interesting facts about Jupiter

Interesting facts about Jupiter tell you about the many features of this planet. It belongs to the class of gas giants, as well as Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Today Jupiter is actively studied by scientists. Below we look at the most interesting facts about Jupiter.

22 interesting facts about Jupiter

  1. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.
  2. On Jupiter, there is no change of seasons.
  3. To date, we know about 79 satellites of Jupiter, which makes it a record holder in this indicator in relation to other planets in the solar system.
  4. The discovery of the satellites of this planet was the first real evidence in favor of the heliocentric system of the world.
  5. An interesting fact is that the volume of Jupiter is 1,300 times larger than the Earth's.
  6. From Jupiter emanates powerful radiation, which prevents study of this planet. If spacecraft fly up too close to it, the electronics will simply fail.
  7. It is curious that Jupiter has rings.
  8. The mass of this celestial body is 2.5 times the total mass of all the planets of the solar system.
  9. Jupiter makes a complete rotation around its axis in 10 hours. At the same time, 1 year on the planet is equivalent to about 12 Earth years.
  10. Did you know that the diameter of Jupiter is 10 times larger than the diameter of the Earth.
  11. Ganymede - the largest satellite of Jupiter. In its dimensions, it surpasses Mercury.
  12. Jupiter ranks third in terms of brightness in the starry sky, after the Sun, Moon and Venus.
  13. An interesting fact is that the famous Great Red Spot (BKP) on Jupiter is the largest atmospheric vortex in the Solar System. This vortex does not subside over the past 300 years.
  14. The atmosphere of Jupiter consists mainly of hydrogen (89%) and helium (10%).
  15. The four largest Jupiter satellites, Ganymede, Io, Callistro and Europe, were discovered by Galileo as early as 1610.
  16. The density of the atmosphere of Jupiter is 18 times greater than the density of the Earth.
  17. The temperature of the core of the planet reaches about 20,000 C.
  18. Jupiter is the fastest rotating planet in the solar system.
  19. Like the other 3 gas giants, Jupiter has no solid surface.
  20. Scientists suggest that on Europe, the satellite of Jupiter, under the layer of thick ice may be a giant ocean out of the water.
  21. An interesting fact is that in the entire history of the study of this celestial body, 8 NASA spacecraft were sent to it.
  22. The average distance between Jupiter and the Sun is about 778.5 million km.

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