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Nikolay Zabolotsky

Nikolai Alekseevich Zabolotsky - Soviet poet, translator, member of the Union of Writers of the USSR. In 1938, he was arrested and repressed. In 1963 he was rehabilitated at the request of his wife. Over the years of his biography, Zabolotsky had to endure many troubles, having spent many years in prisons and labor camps. So, before you is a brief biography of Nikolai Zabolotsky (interesting facts from the life of Zabolotsky read here).

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A selection of simple rules of the Russian language

We told about the rules and interesting features of the Russian language here. However, the Russian language is powerful and extensive, so that it cannot be covered by one, or even hundreds of articles. Therefore, we offer you another selection of simple rules of the Russian language. We hope that this will be useful and interesting for you, and you will be able to note something new for yourself.

Vakhtang Beridze

Vakhtang Beridze - Russian television radio host, theater and film actor, showman, producer. Below you can familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of Beridze’s biography and interesting facts from his life. Childhood and youth Vakhtang Iraklievich Beridze was born on December 25, 1980 in Leningrad. A few years later, the Beridze family moved to Georgia, where Vakhtang entered one of the local schools.

Interesting equilibrium facts

Our world is arranged incomprehensible way. The laws of nature are studied throughout the history of mankind, but we are still infinitely far from comprehending the true essence of things. No matter how much Einstein tried to discover the formula of "everything", he failed. However, science stubbornly continues to study the laws of the universe.

30 common mistakes in Russian

In order to properly communicate in written and oral speech, you must constantly work on their education. Sometimes it is terribly embarrassing to read the largest news portals, whose journalists make simply fabulous mistakes. We have already talked about the features of the Russian language, and today we will look at the 30 most common mistakes in the Russian language.

Occam's razor

Occam's razor is a methodological principle calling for giving preference to simple theories over complex ones (if both are confirmed by practice). Named after the monk-philosopher William Ockham. In this article we describe the principle of Occam's razor in simple language, and also analyze how it is applicable in science and everyday life.

Match Puzzle

Matchstick puzzles are very popular today, both in children and adults. They help a person to develop logical thinking and attentiveness. Logical problems with matches can be very different. Basically in tasks it is required to make any image, number or a geometrical figure.

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Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is an American actor, director and producer. For his biography, he was nominated 4 times for an Oscar. To date, Cooper is considered one of the most popular and sought after Hollywood actors. Childhood and adolescence Bradley Charles Cooper was born on January 5, 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Interesting facts about the nervous system

Interesting facts about the human nervous system will help you better learn how our body works. It turns out that only thanks to the nervous system we can fully interact with the outside world. As medicine is constantly moving forward, more and more interesting discoveries are emerging with respect to the central nervous system (CNS) every year.

Occam's razor

Occam's razor is a methodological principle calling for giving preference to simple theories over complex ones (if both are confirmed by practice). Named after the monk-philosopher William Ockham. In this article we describe the principle of Occam's razor in simple language, and also analyze how it is applicable in science and everyday life.

Introverts and Extraverts

Anyone interested to know what his psychological personality type. Even if he is not interested in psychology at all. The concept of psychological types was first formulated by Carl Gustav Jung in 1921. Since then, almost all psychology tests include the mandatory definition of introversion or extraversion.

Bernard Show

Bernard Shaw is a famous Irish playwright, novelist and screenwriter. Greater popularity brought him aphorisms, characterized by deep thoughtfulness and subtle humor. In 1925, he was awarded the title of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Bernard Shaw was not only a well-known public figure, but also one of the founders of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The story of Brian Banks

Some stories from the lives of people are so unusual that it seems as if we are facing a script for the film, invented by a talented author. However, life sometimes really gives us fantastic lessons. What is worth even the story of incredible luck Bill Morgan, about which we have already told. After reading this small post, you probably can not remain indifferent.

Bunin's biography

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin can rightfully be attributed to one of the greatest Russian writers and poets of the 20th century. He received worldwide appreciation thanks to his works, which during his lifetime became classics. Bunin’s short biography will help you understand what life this outstanding writer went through, and for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The smartest people in history

Any selection from the series "the very same thing in the world" is an extremely subjective thing. However, there are some objective criteria by which we can create such lists. For example, how to identify the smartest person in history? And make the top 10 or top 40 most intelligent people? After all, the concept of "intelligent man" all mean something different.

Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova - Russian TV presenter, singer, actress, writer, ex-participant, and later the host of the TV show "Dom-2". In 2008 she was confirmed as the chief editor of the publication “World of reality show. House-2”. Today, many people are interested in the features of her biography, since she is one of the key figures in show business in Russia.

Features of the Russian language

Surely you have heard about funny verbal turns of the Russian language. It is not by chance that foreigners consider it one of the most difficult. After all, sometimes the same our word can have a completely different meaning. The emotional load of the usual phraseological units is often baffled by those who have just begun to study.

Interesting facts about the London Underground

All fans of the old Europe will be pleased to learn interesting facts about the London Underground. After all, some details may surprise you seriously. In general, it is always nice to read about cities and countries in which there are many unique features. So let's go! The London Underground, opened January 10, 1863, is the oldest in the world.

Patriarch's speech before the dirge of Stalin

We bring to your attention the historical speech of Patriarch Alexy I, which was said on the death of Joseph Stalin. For lovers of history, this speech will be extremely interesting. Your thoughts on this topic can write in the comments. We give the speech of the Patriarch without abbreviations and revisions. Patriarch Alexy I and Joseph Stalin Speech of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy (Simansky) before the memorial service for I.